My Favorite Motion Typography…

I was on popurls today and saw a post from about typography in music videos and it got me to thinking about all the great typography I have been seeing in videos lately. (My favorites from the link are Dylan, not new but awesome[make your own here, thanks j.], The Hush Sound, NYC built with typography, Hey Ya, and Stall Out).

So I figured I would collect all of my favorites over the last few months here.

Months ago I saw a video on Motionographer by Jarratt Moody that used typography to act out the “What Does Marsellus Wallace Look Like” scene from Pulp Fiction. I think this was one of the first ones to start the movie versions of this concept. This was also around the time I started seeing more pop up.

And then there was the “Who’s On First” type treatment.

Ocean’s Eleven

and even one about typography itself.

still with me.. here’s one last one sans type…

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