Observations on Helvetica (The Movie)


So I just got back from seeing Helvetica at IFC, and I really enjoyed it, with sharp observations by Michael Bierut, the intensity of Erik Spiekermann, and a humorous, and not drunk David Carson just to name a few.

Here are my personal highlights.

-Massimo Vignelli’s studio.
-Lars Müller pointing at Helvetica signs in what looks like a smock.
-Paula Scher sitting way to far away from her computer.
-Erik Spiekermann’s soldier helmet comment.
-David Carson’s third date, first date joke.

Although, like the movie Munich, I left not knowing what side I was supposed to empathize with.

One response to “Observations on Helvetica (The Movie)

  1. ahaha! Why does Paula Scher sit so far from her computer?! It’s like she needs a go go gadget arm to reach the key board. Erik Spiekermann is my new hero. Plus who knew David Carson is kinda helluva a funny guy?! Helvetica lost the battle according to this girl. Franklin Gothic 4 EVA! Though I’d like to give Gotham a try…

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