Sean Combs and the Evolution of the Remix (*update)


I know, I know, why start at Sean Combs, ever since the dawn of hip hop, break beats have been used to remix music by popular artists. It is in fact what all DJ’s did in the early days; mix other people’s music together to get a new sound. But, in my lifetime, the biggest shift from urban counterculture to suburban coffee shops has been due to one Sean, Poppa Diddy Puff, Combs. Ever since he brought Dianna Ross to mainstream white American teenagers, (we already knew about Sting) the avalanche has been rolling down the hill gaining speed and picking up debris as it goes.

Fast forward 10 years. The world is all about remixes or mashups, from Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, to the Shining RomCom, even down to the fact that I abbreviated Romantic Comedy. In this post MTV world we have lost our attention spans, we are constantly looking for the next best thing. The concept has even shown its face in high end department store branding. So, in this world of simplifying life, we prove to ourselves that we like complexity, we need change, and we probably haven’t read this far in this post. So in summation here are a few links to help quench our thirst for more:

Looking for the newest remixed trailers?

Looking for a remix of that new Kanye West song?

Wanna watch graphic designers throwdown their skills, read this, or go here?


at lunch today I went to the deli to get a sandwich and what do I see? The ultimate consumer remix… Doritos Collisions I even bought them, the concept two chips 1 bag… hot wings with blue cheese, and zesty taco with chipotle ranch. On the site you can mashup songs by Missy Elliott. The avalanche is indeed falling, and we are all stuck in it’s path.. like that game Katamari.

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