NYC Taxi or Why I’m Tired of Wolff Olins*

NYC Taxi

A few weeks ago I was in a cab with j and finally wanted to know what the deal was with the redesign of the NYC Taxi logo. I insanely asked my cab driver expecting him to go into a design brief about the subject; to no avail. After seeing it for some time, looking out that window it bothered me, it looked haphazard, slapped together, and the letter spacing of AXI unnerving. I got to my destination, got into a conversation about the evening and that was that.

Tonight I just saw a post via quipsologies about the background and some critiques of the logo. Understanding first hand how politics and too many cooks in the kitchen can interfere with a well thought out design concept, I can’t help but appreciate the attempt. However, it makes me sad and nostalgic about the times when good classic design won (I’m only 26, so I don’t recall such a time, but i’ve heard stories). When not everyone was a designer, when graphic design was clean and not ugly. While Carsonesque design has it’s place, NYC Taxi’s are a staple, they are above a trend. Classic design transcends words like futuristic, and edgy. From ugly on purpose to football uniforms, i’m tired of the anti-design, I love NYand I’m tired of design that so quickly becomes dated.

By the way NYC already has a logo and I love it.

*Wolff Olins created the NYC logo incorporated into the taxi logo as well as this abomination sometimes referred to as the Lisa Simpson Giving Head logo.

2 responses to “NYC Taxi or Why I’m Tired of Wolff Olins*

  1. Brad Christopher

    First, you should know that the “I love NY” logo is for New York State, not the city. I do agree that the Taxis look bad. I wouldn’t go as far as to criticize Wolff Olins on the NYC logo though. I’ve seen the new logo at it’s best so far on bus shelters in Boston for NYC tourism ads, where the “NYC” frames out images of the city.

  2. Awesome blogpost, I didn’t thought reading it would be so great when I read the link!

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