Song of the Moment (Señor – Willie Nelson and Calexico)


Todd Haynes is possibly one of the best people to create a bio-pic of sorts on Bob Dylan. The last thing we need is another Ray. The best bio-pics are usually of people who don’t have such a public perception, (read Raging Bull). However, there seems to be another way of telling these stories. Todd Haynes, who was able to tell the story of Karen Carpenter with Barbie dolls, (quite poetically, or so I’ve heard from people who have been lucky enough to see it) has now decided to channel Dylan using multiple actors….more specifics after I see it or you can read about it here — for now lets get to the music.

This post is about the music, so here is a cover of Señor by Willie Nelson and Calexico that is one of the best on the soundtrack… other notable tracks are Knockin on Heaven’s Door by Antony and the Johnsons, and the title track for the movie I’m Not There by Sonic Youth — Genuine disappointment, Eddie Vedder doing Watchtower. Really Eddie this is the best you got, I expect better. Maybe you should just stick to Who Covers.


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