Johnny, Where have you been?

So, what’s been going on you say? Well, a lot, last weekend J and I went to Denver to visit a friend. So, how was denver? It was fun, We saw the art museum, which is one of the coolest, craziest buildings. We went skiing, 3 1/2 mile long runs… in 30 inches of fresh powder. Nice (besides my mogul face plants). We watched showgirls all the way through uncut, pure insanity. So that’s Denver. You know I was surprised by the amount of forced design I saw on the main strip there. Everything is so new and the branding is very calculated, so it gives the city a movie set type of feel, instead of the gritty non-time square nyc i’m used to. So, it seems once again that I love NY. (the city, not the show, minus a few choice quotes, “I’m afraid of parrots because they don’t know how to speak English diction”)

As far as this blog, i’m movin on up, to my own host, I figured it was pretty lame for a web designer to use a stock theme for his blog, so I am working on skinning my own blog over at, however it is not linked because I am not ready to push, however it will be soon.

Also, I finished the beta test of my most recent site for the law firm Donahue & Goldberg.

And Speaking of law firms, I also just recently busted out some CMS (Content Management Systems) skills for my Morgenstern Jacobs & Blue site. Originally a static site, I recently retooled a wordpress theme to act as the dynamic interface for this site. I will be launching it soon.

Links to follow.


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