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Zach Galifianakis and Michael Cera or How come you look so much like cootie kid.

Zach Galifianakis is funny because you just have no idea what hes going to do next. Michael Cera is funny because if you throw a ball at him he turns his back to it. Put them together and… Just watch it. via chris glass.

Galifianakis vs. Cootie Kid.


I dont play video games much.. but this is funny.

These new World of Warcraft commercials are ha.larious. Seriously, Mr. T is awesome, and so is Shatner, but Mr. T wins this one for me.

Valerie Wednesday


I just got my VSL of the day, and it was the video for the Mark Ronson / Amy Winehouse collaboration for Valerie, a cover of the Zutons song of the same title. Slow down VSL, have we forgotten the best Valerie of all time by none other than Stevie Winwood. Not enough Valerie for you? Then check out these:

Valerie Bertanelli
Valleri, by the Monkees
Valerie Harper


Fitness Challenge

I just saw this insane video and had to share it. Seriously, look how defeated the monkey gets when the dog doesn’t step up to the challenge.

Old People…

Don’t you just love em, well if you were my girlfriend the answer would be hells no! So I found myself on Married to the Sea and found this. Sad and funny how senility resembles a newborn’s innocence.


5-On Series

5-On Series

5 Monsters on Celebuskanks.

My friend Tom has been adding his voice to a hilarious video short series on AtomFilms directed by his friend Devin Clark. The concept is 5 of some type of thing (monsters, robots, zombies) on a hot button issue (the presidential candidates, celebrity starlets) the newest one has been posted (see above), and while you’re there check out:

5 Zombies on presidential candidates, and

5 Aliens on the end of the sopranos, or just check them all out..

also check out the 5-on directors cuts.

Day 1:

I stabbed a drifter today.