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Photography of the Moment: Michael Poliza’s Heli-Africa

A beautiful flickr set from Michael Poliza of a helicopter trip from Hamburg to Cape Town. via.


Photography of the Moment: Andy Clymer


I just recently found this photoblog by Andy Clymer, type designer at Hoefler & Frere-Jones, and really love this Steam picture. Check out his site, for his other photos and buy beautiful fonts from

Sand Artist, Jim Denevan

This guy takes drawing in the sand to a whole new level. I’ve seen a few posts about these photos, here and here, and now that I have seen his site, I am drawn even further into these beautiful photographs. Amazing the amount of work that goes into these pieces of art only to be washed away by the tide.


Design:Related or Behance

Social Networking for Designers

I recently joined two new social networks, both related to design. I have been a member for a little bit now, however, until now I haven’t posted any projects. I am going to do a little comparison. I am posting the same work on both sites, and I will then track my progress on both. The site I get better use out of I will use. So check out my profile at Design:Related profile or my profile at Behance Network or both.

Do I really need another two social networking site to update? Sure, why not (although I have to work on the social part). So far, Behance seems to give me more options on how I present my material, however posting my portfolio on Design:Related was quick and easy. As I use it I’m sure my pro’s and con’s list will grow. For a while, I was unsure what projects to highlight. Currently my thoughts are to post design that I have had free reign to experiment with. Some are working out techniques, other’s are works that bands have used for promotion. I will be adding personal projects occasionally to my portfolios as I get inspired and I will post links here.

AIGA/NY Typographic Walking Tour

Type Tour

Well, the weekend came and went, and I did not actually don a mustache and stalk Tobias Frere-Jones’ walking tour. Somehow tickets went from not for sale to sold out real quick. However, who needs to go when you have flickr. Here are a few photo sets. More to come as I find them.

Karen Horton

Matt Sung

John Kwo

*New* Michael Surtees