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Zach Galifianakis and Michael Cera or How come you look so much like cootie kid.

Zach Galifianakis is funny because you just have no idea what hes going to do next. Michael Cera is funny because if you throw a ball at him he turns his back to it. Put them together and… Just watch it. via chris glass.

Galifianakis vs. Cootie Kid.


Motion Graphic of the Moment.


The new year will bring my new design, but for now I will try to post something, hopefully once a day, until I transfer my site over.. For now here is a beautiful short by Yves Geleyn about a bird and his home, not as touching as the kiwi, but beautiful in its own right. (via motionographer)

Song of the Moment (Nantes by Beirut)


I can’t get this Beirut song out of my head. It’s really haunting, check out Les Concerts a Emporter for a great live video from the band. While your there check out some of the other videos, they have a really great style.

Sony Bravia Addendum

Sony Bravia

So a few days after my original post about the new Bravia Ad, I saw this article about how they possibly stole the idea from LA-Based artists Kozyndan. While I didn’t want to repost just about that, I just recently saw the Ad they are playing in other parts of the world and it is a lot cooler than the bunnies. They use the pyramids and spools of colorful thread this time. Well played non-American Sony commercial, well played.

Newest Bravia Ad


I’m a sucker for a good commercial and Sony has been consistently creating some amazing ones for their bravia line of TV’s, among them the colored balls in San Francisco (my favorite), the Paint Fireworks in Glasgow, and now the NYC Play-Doh bunnies.

To see all of the ads in high-res and some behind the scenes stuff (and if you have the patience for the annoying website) visit sony’s bravia site.

Valerie Wednesday


I just got my VSL of the day, and it was the video for the Mark Ronson / Amy Winehouse collaboration for Valerie, a cover of the Zutons song of the same title. Slow down VSL, have we forgotten the best Valerie of all time by none other than Stevie Winwood. Not enough Valerie for you? Then check out these:

Valerie Bertanelli
Valleri, by the Monkees
Valerie Harper


Thank you Eddie Veeeeder

So, who knew Entertainment Weekly had some hidden gems. I guess my cubicle neighbor Dan did, but besides him? Apparently Stephen King writes for them occasionally, so there’s that. Anyway two articles I recently read that I’ve been talking about are, Eddie Vedder on his soundtrack to Sean Penn’s Into the Wild, and Sean Young in the sad twilight of her career.

Also looking forward to seeing Eddie in the newest of Judd Apatow’s creations. Walk Hard. The trailer is growing on me.